The Pledge

When the idea of The Daily Dad Pack initially formed, I asked myself how closely associated I wanted to be to The Pack and The Words.

Initially, I didn't want to personally be as close to the product as I feel today. A lot can change when you actively go out and want to instigate transformation.

It didn't feel right producing a series of mini-isms without owning the meaning behind them. Being a dad of 2 boys, I feel it's my duty to do more than simply push a product into the world and hope for a change to happen.

Going forward, The Daily Dad and its associated products will be contributing a percentage of its revenue to Father A Nation (FAN) FoundationĀ to assist in the fight against Gender Based Violence and contribute to the positive growth of boys and men in this country and more so, in the world today.

Let me finally say that, this isn't virtue signally, nor will there be an empty promise. On yearly basis, The Daily Dad will donate its pledged amount to helping the foundation grow and hopefully connect more dads, men and boys to a positive community doing better every day.

If you haven't heard about FAN, feel free to visit their website via the link above or follow them in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

In true style authentic to The Daily Dad brand, we commit to taking The Pledge;

As a Champion of Change:

I acknowledge the damage caused by gender-based violence in my community and believe that thereā€™s no excuse for it.
So today I pledge not to be a bystander and not to be silent.
I pledge to always take action against women abuse.

As a Man I Pledge To:

Use my strength to love, protect and provide for my loved ones.
Fulfil my responsibilities no matter what the cost.
Stand against any form of abuse.
Fight for what is right and good.
Live by conviction and not convenience.
Value people above things.
Define myself not by material possessions but by my character, values and the way I treat people.

And, as a Father I Pledge To:

Truly see my children, to discover the essence of who they are.
Help my children discover their unique identity.
Engage with my children, to regularly set aside quality time to be with them without distractions.
Affirm my children by accepting who they are, letting them know that I as their father value them deeply.
Love my children, leaving them in no doubt ever that they are deeply loved by me.
Bless my children by showing them that I approve of them, seeking opportunities to validate them.
Nurture my children by being tender towards them, never harsh or unkind, giving of my strength to comfort them.
Protect my children physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Provide for my children to the best of my ability, to give them all that they need to live safely and to receive an education.
Teach my children what they need to know to succeed in life, providing them with life skills and education.
Discipline my children, by setting clear and consistent boundaries, teaching them right from wrong and not spoiling them.
Model the way for my children by making my life an example of all that I want to teach them.

Are you man (read: dad) enough to take the challenge?

#NoExcuses. We're committed to making a change.

- Daily Dad Dave