The Daily Dadcast

The Daily Dadcast

The Daily Dadcast is a place we can connect more authentically with dads from around the world and give not only a voice to to The Daily Dad Pack, but a more meaningful connection with one another as we take on this challenge called parenting.

The One - #31 It doesn't matter what you've heard, it does get easier

Welcome to The Daily Dadcast yet again and today I’d like to introduce you to a new series called “The One”. The One is a short form recording from myself based on a lived experience using one of The Daily Dad Pack cards as a departure point.

What I’m attempting to do here is firstly, expose you a little to The Daily Dad Pack itself but also hopefully share something intimate with you about what my personal journey as a father has been like so far.


Episode 2: Interview with The Afrodaddy, founder Terence Mentor


Terence is a father of two super-rad little dudes, husband to Julie-the-extraordinary, a digital marketer based in South Africa and of course, founder of Afrodaddy. AfroDaddy is a place for parents, especially dads, to come together and share in the “duality of parenting” - the fact that being a parent can be fantastic, wonderful and beautiful while simultaneously being exhausting, frustrating and awful.

Today we chat with Terence about what Afrodaddy is about and what the platform has been striving for for the past 5-6 years. Terence is a prolific online content creator and anyone who's entered the conversation about parenting in South Africa - specifically from a father's perspective - will have come across the absolute bombs of wisdom that Terence tends to drop. We are so proud to have him on the show as we tackle some the topics regarding mental stability, community support, race and glean all the goodness this amazing dad has to offer.

Afrodaddy is in constant support of community development projects that support women and children, namely The Maletsatsi Foundation who are one of many of the amazing foundations doing wonders to support and care for children in South Africa. Feel free to get involved, here.


Episode 1: Stories and the power of words as a dad with Zane Dickens, founder of Microcosm and creator of the #100StoryChallenge

For our first episode, we're lucky enough to speak to a fellow dad, Zane Dickens. Zane is a childhood friend and colleague who I have always admired as a creative and free thinker. He's a committed dad of two wonderful girls of 2 and 5.

We talk about his background, being a dad, writing and more specifically his wonderful project called the #The100StoryChallenge, which challenges its community to write a 100 word story each and every day. Zane also runs a wider writing community called Microcosm on Medium which hosts the 100 Story Challenge.

Zane's insights on fatherhood and the power of words and stories and how the two are sometimes intrinsically linked made for a super discussion which we are proud to call our first episode.

Trailer: Intro to The Daily Dadcast

Hey, welcome to The Daily Dadcast.

Our first episode is merely an introduction to what we're trying to achieve. It's our first one of (hopefully) many pieces of audio that will shed light on how we attempt to unpack this thing called fatherhood. We aren’t professing to have all the answers, but hopefully in time both you and I together will learn something new and be that much better at being a dad, each and every day.

We promise to try and create content as frequently as possible here, so bare with us as we find our feet in between the never ending laundry, trips to the park and bath times. So, join me as I try to give you a glimpse into an authentic perspective from a regular Daily Dad.

Yours in Dadism,